How to file a complaint against Robinhood

Here are instructions to file a complaint with Robinhood to the SEC and FINRA if you have issues with them.

File complaint with the SEC and FINRA instructions:

Click Here to file a complaint with the SEC
Click Here to email SEC Directly
Click Here to file a complaint with the FINRA

Robinhood Address:

Name: Robinhood Financial, LLC
Address: 85 Willow Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025 USA

Give them as much information as possible.

You may also report them to the BBB – Better Business Bureau.

The BBB is just a private organization not a government company so the only thing they do is log a complaint and Robinhood will usually respond. We can assure you Robinhood will probably respond with some canned response just to make it appear they are resolving the issue so the BBB will close the case. Only the SEC and FINRA can actually do something if they decide to do it. But it doesn’t hurt to report them here too. The BBB for the area Robinhood operates is located below. Just click the file a complaint button on this page.

Click Here to file a complaint with their local BBB

As far as our complaint, all we did was ask them to close our online account. Such a simple request yet they make every excuse not to do it. So why exactly is that? So be it. If you would like to tell us about your experience, see our about page. You may contact us anonymously too.

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This article is based on our own experience, point of view and from others we have spoken to about Robinhood that share similar experiences. If anyone feels anything is incorrect, email.